ECO-DEPOT, the ecological and economical solution for your INDUSTRIAL BATTERY! 

Very good used battery guaranteed*
 Battery 24 Volts for Pallet truck, Tow tracktor
 Battery 36 Volts for Reach , 3 or 4 wheels

 Battery 48 Volts for Counter-balance, 3 or 4 wheels 

Several sizes of trays available!
The warrantees can vary from 6 months to 4 years depending on models offered.


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RECYCLING an old lead battery
an ecological partner
who makes sure that your old lead battery is disposed of in a certified site and accredited ISAO 9001-2000 which respects the strictest industrial environmental and legal standard! 
 Do you receive the best price possible for your old lead battery sent to recycling?
 Do you know the actual value of your lift truck or pallet truck battery?

 Is your lift truck or pallet truck battery at end of life? 

 Are you looking for a good used battery to replace an old one?
 Are you looking for reliable professional for maintenance, repair or installation of your lift truck of pallet truck battery?

 Would you like to optimise the return of investment of your batteries and chargers? 

As explained by Klaus Töpfer, Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Program;

"It has been a long time since lead is extremely useful for us, but also provokes all kinds of intoxications, in particular with workers and children..." 

"The recycling of lead batteries is one of the most sources of potential hazardous dangers in particular workers...  In order to have a safe recycling, the strictest ecological and professional standards must be applied by a few specialized enterprises..." 

Entrust your battery to the BATTERY ECO-DEPOT Professionals and redeem yourselves of such binding responsibilities!

In conformity with the best practices of the industry, the experienced specialists at BATTERY ECO-DEPOT will ensure the total disposal of your old lead battery in a certified site and accredited ISO 9001-2000 which respects the strictest environmental and legal standards. 

Our carrier has all valid permits for the transport of hazardous material of class 8 UN2794. 

Furthermore, a consultant will assist you in all the steps of every transaction and will give you all the necessary material to ease the process making it more simple and efficient. 

Why is lead dangerous for our health?


Because it is malleable and is corrosion resistant, and is the most used metal in the world after iron. Exploited since at least 8000 years, it has probably been one of the first causes of dangers to health and safety at work. The first mentions of lead intoxications go back to Ancient Greece and it has been studied that Egyptians mummies had important lead concentration.. Of the 2,5 millions tons produced in the world every year, approximately 75% is used in the production of lead batteries used in cars, in industries and portable tools. In many developping countries, the workers continues to destroy used batteries with an axe which exposes them to severe dangers, Inhaling the dust, fumes and vapours which are dispersed in the atmosphere on their work place which can lead to severe lead intoxications. But the most frequent problem is the chronic lead poisoning provoked by weak intakes of lead.

It is through the mouth or the lungs that the body intakes lead, which 90% of it accumulates in the bones. The first intoxication symptoms are fatigue, cephalea, bones and muscle pains, memory loss, loss of appetite, disturbed sleep. Then follows constipation and acute abdominal pains or lead colic. If the body continues to absorb lead, a paralysis follows which particularly affects the radial nerve provoking a « drop hand ». A prolonged blood lead drives the patient with convulsions, coma, and delirium and can lead to death. Children are more vulnerable than adults to lead intoxications which may cause them permanent neuropsychological damages. The lead may reach the fetus and pregnant women must absolutely avoid it. All mammals are also affected; bovines for example become ill and may die from lead absorption coming from oil discharge or agricultural equipment abandoned in their pastures.

Where does lead go?

Second fusion lead from used batteries is interesting on the economical level since it allows savings of 25% from the energetic costs compared to extracting new lead. Furthermore, we can find batteries everywhere, their life span use is predictable and the important lead market offered providing from recycling creates scale economies. This is why the battery manufacturers strongly depend on this re-melted load from which the major part comes from the recycling of used batteries, although a small part of this recycled lead in the informal sector is not reused in the factories but serves other means, for example for the lead attached to fishermen poles.

To know more about the United Nations Environmental Programs!

After a few years of use, your batteries need replacement, BATTERY ECO-DEPOT thus suggest an ECOlogical and ECOnomical solution for the replacement of your industrial battery by offering you an excellent USED or NEW battery while recuperating the old worn out battery. 
Entrust BATTERY ECO-DEPOT professionals and free yourselves of any environmental and legal responsibilities from it! 

 Act today...for our children's future!

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