ECO-DEPOT, the ecological and economical solution for your INDUSTRIAL BATTERY! 

Very good used battery guaranteed*
 Battery 24 Volts for Pallet truck, Tow tracktor
 Battery 36 Volts for Reach , 3 or 4 wheels

 Battery 48 Volts for Counter-balance, 3 or 4 wheels 

Several sizes of trays available!
The warrantees can vary from 6 months to 4 years depending on models offered.


Toll free: 1.855.558.8967

an economical partner 
who offers you excellent USED or NEW industrial batteries for you lift truck or pallet truck!
 What do you do with your old worn out lead battery?
 Do you have the assurance that your old battery is stocked, transported or recycled in a way to respect the environmental and legal standards?
 Do you receive the best price possible for your old lead battery sent to recycling?
 Do you know the actual value of your lift truck or pallet truck battery?

 Are you looking for reliable professional for maintenance, repair or installation of your lift truck of pallet truck battery?

 Would you like to optimise the return of investment of your batteries and chargers? 




 Act today...for our children's future!

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